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The professionals at CRE Asset Advisors, LLC have extensive experience analyzing and underwriting commercial property of all types and complexities.  With career backgrounds in appraisal, brokerage and bank management, our team is equipped to identify the opportunities and risks facing a variety of assets and geographies.  

Our unique experience affords us the knowledge of how best to underwrite, negotiate, and bid on commercial property loans to effectively secure maximum, risk-adjusted returns.  Over the past several years, our team managed the underwriting of over $4.0 Billion in commercial real estate loans across the United States.  These endeavors resulted in the successful acquisition of approximately $1.5 Billion of unpaid loan balances.              




  • Commercial Property Evaluations
  • Property Site Inspections
  • Credit Analysis
  • Real Estate Tax Review
  • Environmental Assessment (arranged through a reliable third-party provider)
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Market Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Loan Sale Advisory / Facilitation
  • Commercial Loan Acquisition
  • REO Management / Disposition

Our real estate analysis and valuation service is tailored to individual client needs. Research and evaluation products offer support to both debt and equity investors in making shrewd business decisions based on client determined criteria. Whether it’s a Sample of Sales, Simple Value Estimate, Property Evaluation, or a full Appraisal, our analysis will enhance and help facilitate the underwriting process.

The company’s loan advisory service utilizes our collective knowledge pool to source opportunities and establish relationships among market participants. We assist in determining appropriate purchase prices by utilizing a detailed due diligence process that focuses on a variety of risk factors and projected investment yields.

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence &

Loan Advisory Services

CRE Asset Advisors, LLC